The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin

Anne Morrow Lingburgh

The Aviator’s Wife

THE AVIATOR’S WIFE, by Melanie Benjamin, is an absolutely brilliant rendering of  the life and mind of one of the world’s most beloved yet mysterious women: Anne Morrow Lindbergh.


Anne And Charles Lindbergh

The cover of this delicious novel is both pristine and motivating. It will motivate you to read this amazing story of what might have been what life was like for Lucky Lindy’s Anne.

Like most people I have always been intrigued by the “legend” of the Lindbergh’s. Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic solo in a small plane and ended up in Paris. This in and of itself made him famous. But what of his family? Especially his wife Anne?

This is the way  I love learning  history. I love being inspired to learn more because of great writing.  And this is great writing. Many books in the past few years have promised to be like THE PARIS WIFE or LOVING FRANK, but none really have been equal, until now. You will find THE AVIATOR’S WIFE, by Melanie Benjamin, to be right up there with the big books. I am convinced that book clubs will embrace this one with open arms.  Along with everyone else.

Melanie Benjamin

Melanie Benjamin

The story is written back and forth in time,  beginning in 1927.  You get a peek inside the life of Anne Morrow and her family. We learn who she is and who she isn’t.  Then Charles enters the picture and changes the dynamics.

Who was Charles? Who was  he really? Behind the glaring headlines and the title of American Hero. Benjamin has done an outstanding job of bringing Lindy to life. Now, I know this is fiction but, Benjamin has done her homework. She’s studied Anne’s letters and notes. She’s gone through tons of documents.  And she tells us what she believes life was like for Charles and Anne.

Everyone knows of the horrific kidnapping of the Lindbergh’s first son. I found myself balking as the story got closer and closer to this monumental event. But this was also handled delicately. It was a huge part of their story and yet did not take over the entire novel. But it had to have influenced both Anne and Charles’s lives to the  point of distraction.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh lived a life of quiet desperation. I believe many women can relate to her. It’s not that they have experienced the same events, but they deal with trauma by keeping it all pent up inside.

Later in life, Anne became the best selling author of a little gem of a book called GIFT FROM THE SEA. This wonderfully insightful book was written on our own Captiva Island. She was staying alone in a tiny, rustic cottage, determined to write a book she deemed worthy. In this little book Anne bares her soul as she writes from her heart about feelings that most  women can relate to.

Anne Morrow Lindburgh

Gift From The Sea

There were shocking revelations in this novel.  Things come to the surface that totally took me by surprise. Some of you might be privy to all this. . I can’t help but wonder how some relationships prevail. And certainly this one.

You will  pick this novel up because of interest in the life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. And because the cover is an eye catcher. This one is a real winner right out of the box. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will surely be thrilled! Then, go back and read or reread, GIFT FROM THE SEA.

I received my galley from Delacorte Press, a division of Random House. I actually got my copy from Melanie Benjamin via a book conference in the fall. My advance copy is signed and personalized.  Or I should say was. My boss’s new puppy ate this paperback version, finding it mighty tasty. Melanie has very graciously offered to send me a finished copy and personalize it when they arrive. I can’t wait!


One thought on “The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin

  1. Oh, I cringed when I read that part about your copy getting eaten by the pup! So nice of the author to send you a final, personalized copy to replace it.

    You made this one sound really good.

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