Al Roker, The Virgin, And 8 Hours


Never Goin’ Back

I’ve long thought Al Roker, the weatherman for The Today Show, to be a funny guy. For years he was the overweight weather guy. Very overweight. He’s the first one to admit that. I was never a big fan. I knew there was something just “not right” about Al. He seemed such an imposter. Well, he was. Al bares his soul in NEVER GOIN’ BACK. It’s his new memoir about his battle with weight-loss. I watched Al being interviewed about his new book last week. And I actually sat back and listened. I heard him. I borrowed the book from our store through the bookseller’s loan program. And thoroughly enjoyed every page. Al’s voice comes through loud and strong and he is both witty and funny. It is inspiring because he is candid and pulls no punches. But just look at him. He looks amazing. Find out why and how he lost the weight and is keeping it off.


The Virgin Diet

I downloaded THE VIRGIN DIET onto my ipad.  I was intrigued because customers kept coming in the store, frantic to get their greedy little paws on this one. It had been mentioned in the media and the race was on.

Trouble with this one is that your food choices are severely restricted. No dairy, no gluten, no soy, no eggs, no corn, no peanuts. And that’s not all. Now, she may have it right. But I doubt this diet will fly for any length of time.


8 Hour Diet

Now we have the latest from the guy who does the EAT THIS NOT THAT series: David Zinczenko.  He has a new book out every month.  Impossible to keep up.  With this new diet book he adds a new dimension to eating and dieting. He says to eat what you want but keep it all within an 8 hour period. For instance, 9-5 or 10-6, etc. He says your body needs that sixteen hours with no food to be able to replenish itself. That makes sense, but this is another diet that is not going to fly for any length of time. And I’m sorry, eat what you want will not work for long.

The trouble with diets is that that is just what they are: DIETS. If you want to loose weight and keep it off you have to be willing and able to eat less and exercise more. That is the bottom line.  Amen.

This time each year the bookstores load up their displays with diet and health books because so many people are making resolutions to loose weight and get healthier.  If you are trying to get healthier and loose some weight, good luck!


2 thoughts on “Al Roker, The Virgin, And 8 Hours

  1. You are dead on with your comments on the new diet books. Your common sense approach of eat less work out more is the right way.

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