Footprints In The Sand By Mary Jane Clark

Footprints In The Sand

Footprints In The Sand

A lovely finished hard copy of FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND by Mary Jane Clark arrived on my doorstep last week. Thanks so much Harper Collins.

Mary Jane Clark writes mysteries. She has a series of books featuring a character named Piper Donovan. I had not read any of Clark’s books until this one coming out January 8, 2013.

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND is set entirely in Sarasota, Florida and Siesta Key, a small isle off the coast of Sarasota. I live just a scant couple of hours from this little slice of paradise. I’m intrigued. And even more so as I notice that  the Amish community within the city is featured.

The story is centered around a wedding about to take place on Siesta Key just after the romantic Valentine Day holiday. So, it is February, in Florida: height of season. Big wedding. People coming from all over. Lots of bridesmaids. And one of them is found murdered.

Yes, this is a murder mystery. And it is definitely light. But it kept my attention and was a quick read. I especially enjoyed learning the Amish traditions. It reminded me of an Amish restaurant in Sarasota called Yoders. They have THE best pies in the world.

Piper Donovan is one of the bridesmaids. Her mom is making the wedding cake, with the help of her daughter.  Their whole family is involved. Add a love interest named Jack who arrives late on the scene, and you have the whole package.

Why would anyone want to kill a young woman who works as an event planner? And why would someone run an old lady off the road? People are dropping like flies. And it only gets worse.

I enjoy reading about Florida. And when it is someplace I have visited, it is even more interesting. The flora and fauna are used to advance this story in a way that kept my interest and moved the story along. Clark really did a good job with the sense of place.

Mary Jane Clark

Mary Jane Clark

If you are looking for something light after being stressed out over the holidays, this is your book. I just might take a look at more of Mary Jane Clark’s Piper Donovan series.


2 thoughts on “Footprints In The Sand By Mary Jane Clark

  1. I just read a review of this one before reading yours and you both said good things about it. I think the setting has a lot to do with it, no? The genre is not my cup of tea but the setting… gets me every time.

    • I totally agree. This is not a book I would have picked up at work. But Harper sent me a finished copy. It is lovely. The story is light and the setting is nearby. It was a very quick read; something people need right now. Loved the setting.

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