Capturing Paris by Katharine Davis

Capturing Paris

CAPTURING PARIS, by Katharine Davis, had me happily immersed in the City of Light for two days. So taken by the story of Annie and Wesley, I made myself savor the novel, and enjoy the time spent with them in their world of the Paris of the 90’s.

This sophisticated novel about a marriage that’s begun fraying, and become stale, may hit home with many long-marrieds.  Married couples swear to love and honor each other until death do them part. But after twenty or thirty years of togetherness, even the most devoted of couples have their moments.

Wesley and Annie have lived in Paris as American Ex-Pats for twenty years. They originally moved to the City of Light to accommodate Wesley’s work. They took to life in Paris like ducks to water. They made friends, enjoyed intimate dinner parties, and felt like true Parisians. Annie’s writing grew and flourished.  Then Wesley lost his job. And wasn’t able to make do with the few clients he had on his own. Things began to sour. Wesley became distant and, Annie felt unloved and at sea.

When a strange young woman is introduced to their close-knit family of friends, they both become drawn to her. Daphne is what she appears to be: trouble with a capital T. But Annie is quite taken with her and Daphne has offered to help get Annie’s poems the attention they so deserve.

While Wesley is  reeling from his lack of work, Annie seems to be thriving and having luck with her writing. You can imagine the upcoming conflict. Davis did a bang-up job driving the tension between Annie and Wesley.

Our lives are often  lived in moments of quiet desperation. And in this novel we often hear what is going on within Annie’s mind. We get a peek at Wesley’s fears, but not for some time. That is when I found myself softening toward him. At first, his seeming selfishness, angered me. Even though he was suffering angst at the loss of his job, his treatment of Annie turned me off.

I hated to see this novel end. It brought back memories of a very short time spent there a few years ago. I long to return.  To visit the markets, stroll the avenues and back streets, and enjoy the sidewalk cafes.

I have to mention a book I found several years ago. It is about the markets in the different Arrondissements of Paris.  And there are many. The photos are colorful and lively. If you are a true lover of Paris, this book is a must-have for you.

Paris markets

Paris In A Basket

While reading CAPTURING PARIS I kept thinking of PARIS IN A  BASKET. Finally, I decided to add this info about this great guide to the markets of Paris. Enjoy.

Katharine Davis gives her characters life-changing decisions to make. She shows them what is really important, and lets them show us what real love and devotion means.

I received my copy from the author herself. Such a generous gift. If you love Paris, you just have to read this book!


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