Love Anthony by Lisa Genova

love anthony

I love this cover! It is perfect for this book. Genova has another winner with LOVE ANTHONY.

Cape Cod, beaches, families, relationship issues,women, and…. autism. When I realized this novel was dealing with autism, I almost put it down. Almost. I know grandparents and parents who are dealing with autism in their families. It is a tough subject, and not only that, it is ubiquitous. And to tell you the truth, I am saturated with hearing of it. But, having said all that, this book is about far more than autism. Far more.

Genova, the author of STILL ALICE and LEFT NEGLECT, gives us yet another moving and important novel full of well- drawn characters that you will be remembering and talking about for a long time to come.

Beth is a mother of three daughters. The novel begins with them on the beach at Nantucket, enjoying the almost deserted beaches. You will immediately find yourself transported to the island. Sense of place is astounding. And here we are just coming off summer, digging into fall. Will give back a bit of the sun of the last few months. Perfect. Beth watches a young mother playing with her son at the edge of the water. And something about their interaction stays with her.

By the first actual chapter, Beth’s life has changed. She and her husband are experiencing distance.  She is at loose ends. She decided to go back to the writing she has abandoned years ago to give full attention to her family. The picture of that little boy and his mother playing on the beach from the past is what is in the forefront of her mind. And she uses it to begin a story, written in the voice of the boy who will not speak.

Olivia has returned to Nantucket to grieve. She and her husband have lost a child. Why? What happened? Who is Olivia? Olivia is the mother of the little boy on the beach. And she is in horrific pain. Her husband is not able to deal with the loss. And she is trying to heal and find her way.

Beth and Olivia are bound to hook up. And Genova does this with deep emotion and empathy.  I read this lovely book in one sitting. And it was not intended. Everything else was put on hold at my house. The writing is just that good. I needed to find out where this was going.

I love reading Lisa Genova! I looked forward to this book.  I look forward to comments from you readers. Let me know what you think.

Gallery Books at Simon and Schuster provided me with my advance reading copy. They are also providing me with some copies for my lectures this season. Thank you so much!


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