BBAW 2012 Day 3

What Does Book Blogging Mean to Me? This is today’s topic. I am so far behind this year. I have been swamped the past few days and have missed the beginning of this very important week. So, without further ado, here I go.
I was bribed into book blogging. My daughter had heard me talking about my customers and bookseller friends. They all want to know what I am reading.  She told me a great way to share my love of books and information on new reads. She helped me set up my WordPress account and get started. Then she added the kicker. As soon as I posted my first live review she would add the header she had found for me. And I loved that header. It is the perfect header for me; the one that I still have. It is a photo of a Siamese cat that looks amazingly like my Maurice. And he is on top of books as you can see. So, I began.

Blogging has taken me to whole new level. I now write book reviews for The Naples Daily News and have a lecture series where I take my favorite twenty brand spanking new books to book clubs in my area. We have a lot of fun and everyone gets the skinny on what’s what in the publishing world.

Book Blogging is a lot of work, but it is work I absolutely love. I have met some wonderful people through it. And have come in contact with important people in the book world who I respect. It just gets better and better. I can’t wait to meet even more wonderful book people online.

4 thoughts on “BBAW 2012 Day 3

  1. Thank you for your blog. It has been very helpful in choosing what I want to read. I have enjoyed most all of the books that you have loved and blogged on.

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