Gone By Randy Wayne White



Randy Wayne White introduces a new series with Hannah Smith.

Wildly popular in these parts of the woods, White is known for his Doc Ford adventure series. He’s even built two restaurants honoring this protagonist. And they are pretty cool places to hang out: one of Sanibel Island; one on Fort Myers Beach.

Hannah Smith is a fishing guide doing most of her fishing and guiding on the islands of Sanibel and Captiva, and Fort Myers Beach.  This first of the series has her visiting Naples and Marco Island as well. What’s not to like about that! I think he’s hit just about every landmark around.

I love how White manages to capture the essence of our area. While making it his, he is allowing us to participate in the story. And the story is good. Real good. I’m used to the Doc Ford books where there is plenty of testosterone being thrown around. This is a refreshing break. And White can really write in a woman’s voice.

Randy White

Randy Wayne White

I know this area well, and when Hannah is pulling up to  the marina at Bensen’s on Captiva, I am there, seeing the palm trees swaying in the breeze and hearing the island music as it wafts over the waterway.

Bad guys come and go, heiresses abound, and there’s even a glimpse into the sex lives of some very wealthy folks.  He’s also smartly incorporated a relationship between Hannah and Doc Ford. And even Tomlinson gets a cameo.  All in all, this is a great beach read, and all of Randy White’s fans should be thrilled. And I bet he gains a bunch of new fans as well.

I read my e-book on my Nook  thanks to the publishing people at Net Galley.

3 thoughts on “Gone By Randy Wayne White

  1. Great post and pic. Author stopped by store yesterday, signed books, spoke with shoppers and employees. Such a nice surprise! Beth was thrilled – she’s a big fan

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  2. About ready to start packing for our winter stay in Bonita Beach. Will be anxious to read all about this area in a new novel. Thanks for the post.

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