Gopher Turtle Courtship

Our lady gopher turtle was being serenaded last night. Just outside her abode (burrow), a gentleman gopher turtle came to call. He stood gazing down into her hole, all the while, bobbing  his head up and down. I went online and quickly found information complete with video about gopher turtle mating. Sure enough, that is what was occurring right before my eyes. Holy cow!

Gopher Turtle

Turtle Courtship

Our lady turtle has been in residence in our yard for several years now. We just love having her live  here. For the longest time we didn’t know whether our turtle was a she or a he.  But we have finally figured it out.

Gopher turtles dig deep, long holes for their homes. They’re called burrows. Only one turtle per acreage. They eat grass and love when you have recently mowed the lawn as it provides them with a ready-made buffet.

We’ve had at least two litters in the past couple years. The latest being just a couple months ago. We thought something serious was going on as Mrs. Turtle was emerging and racing across the yard, chewing grass like crazy and racing back to her hole. She was feeding her young. Finally, one very early morning, one small turtle about the size of my hand, appeared near the front door; he or she had been sent out on a first journey. Then, later that week, my husband saw this little one crossing our road and trotting off to start his or her own life. So small to be sent along. But such is the way of nature

I love living out here in the woods. We are so blessed to have such a plethora of wildlife literally in our front and back yard. And now, maybe more little turtles!

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