The Sweetness Of Forgetting By Kristin Harmel

Sweetness of Forgetting

The Sweetness of Forgetting

I read THE SWEETNESS OF FORGETTING by Kristin Harmel in no time flat. It is lovely and timely.

Kristin Harmel has written a compelling novel dealing with Alzheimer’s, family, and secrets. And she’s deftly added delightful and delicious recipes that hold hints to the secrets. And I’m adding video of her cooking.

THE SWEETNESS OF FORGETTING takes you from present day Cape Cod to the ravages of WWII Paris.  Hope is a divorced mother of a testy 12-year-old girl. Hope’s mother died a year ago of cancer. And her grandmother is in an assisted living facility for Alzheimer’s patients. Dear Rose is slowly loosing her memory and it is a heartbreaking thing to watch. But Rose is lucid enough lately to begin telling her family a story they find shocking. She gives Hope and Annie bits and pieces of a past they had no way of knowing existed. It will change their lives forever.

Hope and her mother have been labeled as cold women. Rose was known as a cold woman. I love the unfolding of feelings that allow us to see why and how these women had closed their hearts to real love.

I love the way Harmel shows us how Muslims, Jews, and Catholics have worked together to help save lives. How refreshing it is. And Harmel has done her research. She draws you in and keeps your attention.

This wonderful tale of lost love, faith, and forgiveness, is a great find.  You’ll want to share your copy with everyone you know.

My uncorrected proof came from the generous people at Gallery Books. Thanks guys!

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