The Story Of Rose By Jon Katz

Bedlam Farm

The Story of Rose

This e-book only story about Rose, the famous border collie of Bedlam Farm, is precious. Jon Katz is the author. He’s done a fine job of bringing us an enhanced e-book complete with full-color photos and personal information that he very generously shares with us.

I fell in love with Rose several years ago when I discovered Jon’s blog, Bedlam Farm. What an amazing working dog Rose was.  Rose was never a pet. Border collies need to work, live to work, in fact.

I purchased my e-book from B&N.c0m. It’s only available in an e-book form. It’s the first time Jon has published one of his books in only the e-book form. It’s very inexpensive and worth every cent.

Jon’s writing is fluid and down to earth. He tells it like it is. It’s like reading a novel, but it’s true.

I subscribe to Jon’s blog and look forward to popping in on a daily basis to see what the donkeys, farm cats, hens, sheep, and the great dogs of Bedlam Farm are up to. Now that Jon’s added video, he’s really enhanced the experience. Go ahead, visit the blog and, treat yourself.

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