Titanic Exhibit Orlando Florida


My husband and I were visiting my daughter and grandchildren this past weekend. Alicia arranged for us to tour the Titanic Experience. Housed in a strip mall on I-Drive, I really didn’t know what to expect.  We all were impressed with the artifacts and with our tour guide. All in all it was a great experience.

The tour lasts an hour. When you have two small children, an hour can seem like forever, but the kids were quiet and the guide kept their attention. Plus, there was so much to see. We were each issued boarding passes. The name of a real passenger was listed on the back with information about their lives. We were told that at the end of the tour we could check a list of survivors to see if our “passenger” had made it. The set up was so that we were led from room to room through hallways that had been fashioned into decks and each opened to another experience. The grand staircase was reproduced so that we got an idea of the actual breadth of the ship. Back then, it probably looked huge; now not so much.

I didn’t know if I would learn anything new, did. Hey, did you know that one of the four smoke stacks was fake? And I must say some things never change. We were told that corners were cut to save money, and ended up costing lives. And the number of lifeboats was so puny because they didn’t want to have all those boats cluttering up the promenade decks where the first class passengers were. They also decided to keep the main dining room intact when they should have inserted a wall. Would have helped keep ship afloat in the event of disaster. So many things done or not done all in the name of saving money and catering to the rich.

At the end of the tour when we were on our own, we encountered an iceberg. They fashioned a small one that was made of ice and the kids, and actually we adults too, had fun touching it. Gave a little “wow” to the exhibit.

We checked the wall of survivors and found that two of us had survived.  Searching that wall was a bit daunting. The Titanic music was playing softly in the background and lights had been dimmed.

Most people probably just think Orlando is all about the Mouse and the theme parks. But we find more and more fun and interesting stuff to do with the kids each time we visit.

The cost of admission is not cheap. It’s $22 for adults and $10 for kids, but you can go online and get coupons for 20% off , that is just what Alicia did.

The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker

There are many new novels this year with Titanic themes. I narrowed it down to one. I chose THE DRESSMAKER by Kate Alcott. If you wish to choose just one novel about Titanic, this is the one I recommend. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Titanic Exhibit Orlando Florida

  1. We had a Titanic experience here in Los Angeles at the Queen Mary of all places one year. It wasn’t as involved as what you described here or maybe we didn’t get the deluxe package (lol) but we walked on our own and saw what they had pulled up at the time. However, that was several years ago and I know they’ve pulled up even more stuff now. Most of what we saw then were dishes and personal effects such as insulin syringes (freaky!) and walking canes and the like.

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