Tigers In Red Weather

Martha's Vineyard

Tigers in Red Weather

What a fantastic cover! Liza Klaussmann brings us a novel full of intrigue. I love that TIGERS IN RED WEATHER takes place in summertime on Martha’s Vineyard.

Nick and Helena are cousins who have grown up with summers at Tiger House on the Vineyard. Nick is from the rich side of the family, while Helena has managed to belong to the “other” side. Her mother lived in the small cottage on the property. Nick’s family owned the Big house.

The story opens with the young women enjoying some time on the island before parting their ways to begin new lives: Helena is going to Hollywood to get married; Nick is meeting her husband in Florida. WWll has just ended and the troops are coming home. Nick’s husband is one of those troops. Neither woman realizes what she is in for.

This story was really working for me until knowledge of a murder came along. But, of course, I needed to find out “who did it.” I can’t say I cared enough about any of these characters. Sadly, this book just wasn’t my cup of tea. I squeezed it into my schedule mainly because of the magnificent cover. And the part about Martha’s Vineyard.


3 thoughts on “Tigers In Red Weather

  1. Shoot… I had such high hopes for this one, The setting alone had me drooling. I’ll still read it but murder??? Ugh ugh and ugh!

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