Author Event And An Upcoming Blockbuster


Dorothea Benton Frank

I was fortunate  to attend an author event yesterday that totally surpassed any expectations I had. Dorothea Benton Frank was the speaker at a luncheon/talk/book signing. This all took place at the lovely clubhouse at Bentley Village in Naples, Florida. What a bang-up job they all did. The chef provided a spread fit for royalty, while all the other people involved made all of us visitors feel welcome and at ease. Not only is the place beautiful, it is full of lovely people who truly care about it.

Dottie Frank is the author of a bevy of novels that take place in South Carolina, mostly on the islands off the coast. She is the epitome of Southern women. She had us all grinning, then laughing out loud, almost immediately. What a delight to hear her tell us how she began writing. And how she keeps it up.

The ballroom was packed with 500 avid readers. Imagine how awesome it felt being in the midst of such a crowd. And we found out that Frank is now working on the next island novel that will be out next June. She’s getting into biography and strong women. Will look forward to it.

Ken Follett

Winter Of The World

I am a lucky girl! Just now, UPS backed his army green truck into my driveway.  A large package had my name on it. I often find books on the doorstep, but this time I was surprised. WINTER OF THE WORLD by Ken Follett  has arrived! This is the second book in The Century Trilogy. It goes on sale September, 19. If you read the first one, FALL OF GIANTS, I know you are wild to get your greedy little hands on this one. This one comes in at 940 pages. Those of you already familiar with Follett know that this is the norm for him.  My galley came from penguin group and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be included in the early reading program. Will keep all my readers posted on this one.

The Thread

I finished THE THREAD by Victoria Hislop last night.  It did not disappoint. Her style and her research with its attention to detail is what makes her historical novels so engaging.  I was totally in Greece for days as I read the story of Katerina and Dimitri and their lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. My review will run in a couple of weeks, just before it pubs.

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