Maurice Is 21



This photo of Maurice, lying on “his” sofa, was taken recently. This is where Maurice spends the majority of his days. And evenings. He has slowed visibly and makes treks often down the hall to have a drink of water from his favorite water fountain, then walks around the kitchen, always looking for a morsel of food or a treat. Then it’s back to his couch for a nap.

Maurice was a bit under the weather a few days ago. This scares us. After all, he’s 21.  I can’t imagine life without my precious Maurice. But I know he can not live forever. Wouldn’t wish him a life full of pain. But, on a much happier note, he is much better. Has been like his old self, jumping up on laps and eating like a champ.

I have been remembering the day we brought Maurice home. My son, Mike, had just turned 16 and he thought I needed a kitten for my 40th birthday. So, he bought me a g/c from the humane society. I had no idea they existed.  Mike knew I loved Siamese cats and I had been putting off getting one. We drove to the Humane Society one evening after school. I was suffering no illusions about finding a Siamese needing a home. But, low and behold, there were two: siblings. I held the little girl first; she cried and wrangled around in my arms. I put her back. The boy was plopped into my arms. That was it. I chose Maurice. I named him on the way home.

Maurice checking out his dinner!

Maurice fit in the palm of my son’s hand. I have a great photo of Maurice in Mike’s hand, like a basketball. But it is not digital. I would love to post it.

Maurice has been the best cat. He is no trouble. Hardly ever is sick. And eats almost anything you give him.  And he is so social. He loves everyone. He doesn’t realize he is famous. But if he knew, I’m sure he would take it in stride as he does all things.

For now, I am just grateful to have him and to know he is not in pain and is enjoying his life doing exactly what he likes doing every single day!


5 thoughts on “Maurice Is 21

  1. Wow – 21 years old? Incredible. I adopted a cat that belonged to my dad before he passed on 4 years ago. He’s 19 now, and I’m hoping to get a few more years in with him. Maurice gives me hope.

  2. My cat named Kitty turns 20 in August and she’s been in kidney failure now for about 3 years. She’s holding on tight though and she’s doing really well considering… she gives me scares every so often but for the most part she’s pretty stable. I’ve had her since the day she was born so her and I have really grown up together. Seeing Maurice at 21 years old makes me smile! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. That’s how my kitty was. Never sick, until the very, very end and that was only a few days shy of his 18th bday. Maurice looks like he has years left. I don’t see the telltale thinning of his spine, which was the first sign that my kitty wouldn’t be around for too much longer, and even then… once I saw it, it was a year later that he finally shut down. I think happy cats can lives years and years! Obviously!

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