Izzy From Bedlam Farm

Izzy from Bedlam Farm


Izzy, I miss you! This is a recent photo of Jon Katz’s dog Izzy.

One of  my first blog posts was a review of a fabulous book by Jon Katz called Izzy & Lenore. I truly fell hopelessly in love with this wonder dog who was trained to work with Jon as a hospice dog.

Izzy’s story is remarkable. Jon never really knew Izzy’s age as he was found living wild. Izzy is a sweet and loving soul, and became Jon’s soul mate. Jon has had many dogs over the years but this beautiful and faithful border collie was his closest dog yet.

Six months ago Jon lost Rose, another beloved border collie. Rose had slowed down quite a bit, and it was her time. It was awful to experience this with Jon. I felt like I’d lost a pet myself.

Last week, I read that Izzy was sick. This seemed sudden. I became alarmed. But I felt he would recover. He did not. Jon had to make the harrowing decision to put him down.  Jon writes about staying up all night with Izzy, thinking each breath might be Izzy’s last.  John’s book GOING HOME goes in depth about  death and dying of pets. It is crucial for any pet owner to have it. And Jon follows his own advice, but it is still heart breaking.

I really didn’t think I would be up to making this post. Izzy’s death is too soon. My heart is still sore.  But reading Jon’s posts each day about Izzy and the other animals of Bedlam Farm, helps.

Jon and his wife Maria buried Izzy in his favorite spot on the farm. Izzy has gone home. I have included a link to a video with all the dogs of Bedlam Farm plus the chickens and donkeys. I hope you enjoy. Izzy is the black and white border collie who always lies down. Rose was the smaller, slower one. Great dogs, all.

2 thoughts on “Izzy From Bedlam Farm

  1. I read all Jon’s books and loved both Izzi and Rose. All his books are excellent. Izzie inspired me and i am doing therapy and Hospice work witk my Border Collie Bella. I have great respect for Jon and his work.

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