Paris In Love by Eloisa James

memoir Paris

Paris In Love

“Paris in Love” by Eloisa James is a delightful account of a year in the life of the author and her family as they find their way, sometimes hilariously, through the City of Light.

After years of living in Manhattan, Eloisa moved her Italian husband and her two teenagers to Paris.  Oh, and we can’t forget Milo the cutest little dog ever. She needed the change. After all, she had beaten breast cancer and come out on top in a big way. This professor of Shakespeare and writer of romance novels, took it all on.

This memoir is told in small vignettes. It’s really like reading blog posts. Really great ones. James’s prose is crisp and terse. I kept this book on my nightstand and picked it up each night to read and read and read. Thought I’d read just a bit but found myself so engrossed in the lives of these very real people in one of my favorite cities on earth. How fun this book is to read. I have found myself reading quite a bit about Paris lately.  I think this one encapsulates the aura of the city the best. You are there.

Can you even imagine being in Paris with two teenagers going through the tortures of puberty. Having a husband who is Italian trying to learn to speak French? And it all works. The colorful people they meet, the places they visit, the things they do, all will endear you to them forever.

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