Isis Runs The Roost



Isis is the kitty in charge around here. At least, she has the rest of the brood in check.

Isis came to us about a month before Diego. They are so close in age that they act like brother and sister. They truly love each other and, Isis doesn’t love the other cats, she tolerates them. Sometimes.

Isis is my tiny kitty. She weighs just seven pounds. Has dainty paws and the cutest little orange and black nose. You can see how gorgeous her powder blue eyes are. And what a regal stance she owns. Watching her walk down the hallway is like seeing a French fashion model prancing the runway.

Isis is the only cat in our house who talks. Well, it’s more like chattering. My friend Suzanne calls her little miss chatterbox. She is so right. Isis is sure she is a human. She sleeps in bed with me most nights. Her head is sharing my pillow and she manages to sneak under the covers up to her neck. She sees it as her due.

Several years ago Isis tore her meniscus on her right leg. I kid you not. She has been quite the jumper and climber. One day, while climbing the screen on the lanai, her claw got caught and she got twisted around. Well, when she ended up on the cement she couldn’t get up. We immediately took her to the vet. Of course we opted for the operation to repair her leg. Oh the agony of the cone. Have you ever seen an animal wearing a cone to keep them from taking their stitches out? Well, it is very humiliating for the animal. Isis would not have it.  But I was hysterical trying to keep from laughing. And she knew it. The weird part of this whole thing is that I had just had surgery on my left knee for the same repair.

Isis the look

Isis & The Look


Of course Isis is a saved kitty. We got her from Janice at Petsmart in Naples. She was the only girl in a litter that was brought in for adoption.    Jack had called Janice asking to be alerted when a Siamese mix came up   for adoption.  Maurice was turning ten and we felt ready, finally, to add another kitty to our family. Maurice taught her everything she knows. And the rest is history.


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