Two New Novels



It is 1941 when Amelia sends her young daughter packing. Ella is bundled up and sent off in the middle of the night, in a bus, alone.  When the child is attacked on the side of the road somewhere in Georgia, she is left for dead. What happens in the aftermath is the basis for this tale. What initially grabbed me, soon deserted me.

Glow is a first  novel for Jessica Maria Tuccelli. I received two finished copies of this new novel from Viking publishing.  I gave one copy away as a prize at a recent book presentation. I would love to say I enjoyed this novel, but, alas, it just wasn’t for me.

House of the Wind

House of the Wind

Gorgeous cover on this one. And it takes place in San Francisco, modern  day and Italy in the hill towns now and long ago. I kept waiting for the protagonist, Madeline, to go to Italy. I felt too much time was taken setting the “tone” in San Francisco.  Maybe this novel is just too big. It didn’t do it for me. And I really wanted it to.

This book came as an advance copy from my friends at Simon & Schuster.

I just have to add a note here to say I have received dozens of books that will be coming out soon or in summer. I am struggling to find really good ones. I hate even saying it, but it’s true. I do not like posting negative reviews.  So, I am really careful what I choose to read.  But, having said that, I am off to paw through a stack for the best of the litter. I know there are good ones, I just have to sniff them out.


2 thoughts on “Two New Novels

  1. Glow sounds interesting. I mean, who would pack her kid up in the middle of the night and put her on a bus! Doesn’t surprise me that it didn’t work for you. Sounds too farfetched to me.

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