My Siamese Alarm Clock



Diego is my Siamese alarm clock! Each morning, precisely at the time he deems himself hungry enough to wake the entire household, he waddles into the master bathroom by our bed and begins meowing in that unmistakeable voice only a Siamese can have. He chooses the bathroom on purpose; he knows the echo will enhance the already loud yowling he will make. Surely, someone will hear him, know he is in distress over feeling his tummy empty, and come to his rescue.

This happens almost every morning. And once he has scarfed down his dish of breakfast, he waddles over to his lounge where he succumbs to his blanket.

Diego is a very special cat. I always call him my favorite. They are all my favorite in one way or other. But Diego came to us at the tiny age of less than 5 weeks old. Diego was found outside, the only one of his siblings to live. He was starving. We have long ago figured that is why mealtime is so important to him. He had been fostered by a woman with a kitty named Heartly. Heartly had a bad heart and took Diego under his wing. I have a photo of them together that is priceless.  It is not digital and I have not been able to figure out how to scan and upload it yet. Diego looked like a teensy Yoda.  His ears were too big for his body. He was all brown and beige. But with round blue eyes. His tummy always looked as if he’d swallowed a tennis ball. And he was so simple looking he was cute.

Now Diego is ten years old. He weighs more than 20 pounds and has a purr that, I swear, could launch a ship it is so loud.  He is our gentle giant.


3 thoughts on “My Siamese Alarm Clock

  1. When I had my cat, it was the same experience… someone abandoned him on my doorstep when he was about 4-5 weeks old. I fed him with a tiny bottle and he grew to be 27 lbs of huff!! I had him for 17 years and he never had a sick day, except for when his kidneys began to fail due to age. He, too… had a yowl with substance. These are the ones we remember. The ones with the personalities so much like our own. LOL.

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