The Easter Bunny’s Assistant

Kid's book

The Easter Bunny's Assistant

Most of you know I’m in Orlando this week visiting my grandkids. We’ve been reading lots of books. That’s fun for them and me. We all love a great book. And have we ever found one in, “THE EASTER BUNNY’S ASSISTANT,”‘ by Jan Thomas. This hilarious and well-done book arrived from Harper Collins for my daughter to review. How cool is that!

Liam, my 6 year-old grandson, read this book to me the first night I arrived. And the second and the third, and every night since. And we laugh our heads off each and every time. My daughter laughs, I laugh, and Liam’s 3 year-old sister laughs. Liam never tires of the antics of Skunk and Easter Bunny.

These two colorful characters make this seasonal story rise above the norm.  And the meaning of the word EXCITING is taken to a whole new level.

With sparse prose full of laughter- inducing phrases, this book is sure to be a favorite for kids of all ages. They say ages 2-5, but really, it is truly “ageless.”

Grandparents and parents should all add this to your must-buy list for Easter. You will by buying not only a book but a whole lot of laughter.


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