The Underside Of Joy

Underside of Joy

The Underside Of Joy

I’d actually been picking this one up  and putting it down for weeks. Finally, I got it from the library. Sere Prince Halverson brings us an honest story about motherhood and loss. It’s a testament to love and trust. And is set in the wine country of California.

Ella is running away. Not from her ex-husband; not from anyone, really;  just from herself.  Her marriage is over, and so, she thinks, are any chances of ever having a child of her own.

Joe has become a single dad; left with two young children, he’s vulnerable and open to love and sharing his life with just the right person.

Ella and Joe become a couple. Are supremely satisfied with their lives. Ella loves being mom to Joe’s two sweet young kids. And Joe loves Ella. So, what is Joe hiding? And how will it affect their lives?

Written smoothly with care and insight, “The Underside Of Joy” will ease you in and then hold you hostage until you get to the bottom of it all. I needed to know what Joe had kept secret.

A few years ago we traveled to California’s wine country. I was able to see, hear and smell a town like this. The store could easily be one of the quaint stores we came upon. I loved the area. Holverson has captured the essence of this magical place. She makes me want to go back. Soon!


Napa Valley


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