Kill Shot by VInce Flynn

Vince Flynn

Kill Shot

Kill Shot” by Vince Flynn will be on sale tomorrow.  The awesome people from Atria publishing were kind enough to send me a finished hard copy of this amazing novel!

I’ve had many customers at the store approach me and ask when on earth Flynn’s next novel would be coming out. They even got a bit indignant at times. Many told me they knew it was supposed to be out in November of last year. Yes, dear readers, that is all true. However, many people are not aware of the fight Flynn has been fighting with his health. Vince was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and has been dealing with a pretty aggressive form of treatment. So, I am so grateful to Atria for working with him on this pub date. They so graciously gave him the time he’s needed to provide yet again another first-rate thriller.  And, I hear Flynn is on the mend. Amen

Having said all that, now I can get down to the business of this action-packed thriller. Mitch Rapp is back. We all love the character of Mitch Rapp. Mitch is the American assassin working with the CIA. They have not only trained him to be a professional killer, they have done such a fine job of it that now they are a bit unsure what to do with him. A series of murders has occurred in one of my favorite cities, Paris.  Ah, the City Of Light. The Eiffel Tower on the cover does give you some insight as to where the majority of this story takes place.


Vince Flynn

Many of the characters from the other Mitch Rapp books are back, some more prominent than others. And there is much angst among the ranks. But the profiles of these characters deepens in this novel.  These people are all flawed to some degree. And maybe, just maybe, one of them has gone “over.”

What can I say about Flynn’s sense of place? It is spot-on. I loved pounding the  back alleys of Paris with Mitch as well as the upscale boulevards. There was even a float down the Seine in the dark of the night. I loved the feeling I got of being part of the story. Yes, Flynn knows how to include his reader.

This intense thriller has everything it takes to make a superior tale. The French equivalent of our CIA is included, adding some spice. Two of their operatives  bring local color and explosive dialogue.  An especially telling scene within a fashionable, upscale Parisian restaurant, shows us who these people really are.

I was thrilled to learn that Flynn is recovering well and is actually working on his next thriller, featuring Mitch Rapp. This new one is due out in the fall. I will be sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting patiently, but, quite expectantly.

I don’t read a lot of thrillers. But I do love Vince Flynn! Your biggest challenge will be taking your time with the reading. You will want to blow through this in one sitting, but slow down. Enjoy the read!


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