Beautiful Bookstores Around The World

Paris Book Store

Shakespeare & Company Bookstore

Recently, a friend sent me a link to a fabulous website with the World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores. It is amazing to see how many unbelievably gorgeous and edgy bookstores exist, most in countries other than our own.

Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare & Company

I have wanted to visit the now famous Shakespeare & Company Bookstore in Paris for as long as I can remember. Haven’t made it there yet, but it is in my future. Now I see all these others and find it almost breathtaking. After viewing photo after photo and finding each store a vision, I could totally see a book lover making a visit to each one in  an agenda of a lifetime.

I tend to go for the look of old and cozy. But totally appreciate the architecture and warmth of most of the stores shown in the post. I can’t help but wonder if they have that bookstore smell. There is nothing like smelling a good book. My husband remembers the first time he experienced my “book sniffing.” He had never witnessed anyone actually sniffing a book’s pages. Of course, all you book lovers understand what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Cats and Books

Isis & Her Books

I  always seek out bookstores while visiting other cities. What fun to come across a little gem hidden away off the beaten path. Nowadays, I check out the internet to find my treasures.

Absolutely love The Strand in NYC. But it is not in the same league of beauty as the gorgeous stores in the above post. So many independent stores have gone by the wayside. I think they will come back. There is a new move to independent when it comes to books. Was just speaking to another book lover about this very fact. It can’t come too soon.

I couldn’t resist adding this photo of Isis on her tree. There is nothing she enjoys more than climbing on my lap when I am reading a book.

So, enjoy these awesome photos of gorgeous books. And don’t forget to support you local store.


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