A Cup Of Tea With Maurice

Fav teapot and cup

I bought this amazing tea for one set on sale last year. I enjoy brewing a nice hot cuppa and sipping it while I’m working at my desk or just relaxing with a book.

Today, finally, I am about to get a chance to read. My chores are as done as they will get and I’ve finished a future post I was working on. Visited mom earlier today and took her a new calendar. It was one with really well done photos of baby animals with kittens. She really loved it. Mom is the reason I am such an animal lover. We always had kitties and doggies when I was little, and it has carried over to me and my children.

You will notice a book tucked under my teapot. It is an arc of the upcoming Ron Rash book. It’s not out until April so I have it in the wings to read as the pub date nears. But it looks amazing.

I have begun perusing the publisher’s spring and summer catalogs. They are stuff full of great looking reads. It is both overwhelming and exciting to watch some of our most celebrated authors appear with new upcoming titles. I have some already arriving, daily. It is such a gift to receive these unpublished books before they hit the shelves.

The House I Loved

One of the advance books I received this week is the upcoming Tatiana De Rosnay. THE HOUSE I LOVED will be out on Valentine’s Day. I am praying it will be another  page-turner like her SARAH’S KEY. I am not a fan of her last novel, A SECRET KEPT. I have high expectations for this one. I also found a finished hard cover of Vince Flynn’s KILL SHOT arriving on the scene on February 7th. This one is especially important as Flynn has not been well. Everyone is very excited about this new thriller. The cover is awesome with a large picture of the Eiffel Tower bigger than life itself.

Cats are squirrel watching

Vince Flynn

Kill Shot

Couldn’t resist putting this picture of Syeed and Siena watching as Mr. Squirrel approaches his bowl.

My review of THE LOST WIFE will be up on Friday. I can tell you that it is one of the best novels of the holocaust ever!


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