A Walk Across The Sun

A Walk Across The Sun

A WALK ACROSS THE SUN comes with a stellar recommendation from none other than John Grisham. He will be the first to tell you that  he doesn’t endorse other writers but,  felt compelled to do it for this book.

As you have already seen from the informative video above, Corban Addison has exposed us to a world where we learn the unthinkable. Two worlds brought together in modern slavery. How can this happen in this day and age? It almost reads like a non fiction title.

Addison traveled to Mumbai, India; witnessed this slavery, and spoke with young girls who had been sold into slavery and worked in brothels.  He has made it up close and personal by doing just this.

Two young women are orphaned and left homeless after experiencing a tsunami in their coastal community in India. They are kidnapped as they fled the devastation,  and sold through human trafficking to a brothel in the city.

On the other side of the world in the Washington D.C. area of our country, a young lawyer is reeling from the death of his baby daughter and the possible demise of his marriage. When his company offers to send him to India, he takes the offer.  His wife is in India staying with her parents. And the magic begins.

I was a bit hesitant to read this novel. This type of story can get seedy quickly, and you can find yourself bogged down in atrocity after atrocity. Many times I’ve found authors delving too deeply into the acts and deeds. But Addison has done a fine job of keeping it going without bringing it down.

I like reading about India. In fact, Abraham Verghese just emailed me from India.  I think he’s working on some research for his new novel. I sure hope so.

2 thoughts on “A Walk Across The Sun

    • Thanks Julie. I will read your review tomorrow. Glad to hear you felt the same way. There was a book out last year called THE BLUE NOTEBOOK. Elaine Newton chose it as one of her lecture series. She even had the author on hand. But, though the prose was amazing, I was not happy with book; too graphic when not necessary to move the story.


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