What Maurice Is Reading Now

I have a plethora of books waiting to be read. I have books from publishers, books from work, and books I just want to read for the sheer pleasure of reading. I am including only a smattering in this post. Do not wish to overwhelm any of you.


The Winter Palace

I finished THE WINTER PALACE by Eva Stachniak last week.I took my time. I wanted to savor it. This novel  is perfect to read in tandem with the new biography by Robert Massie called CATHERINE THE GREAT.

A Walk Across The Sun

A WALK ACROSS THE SUN by Corban Addison takes place in U.S. and India. Deals with human trafficking in the here and now. John Grisham, for the first time ever, has given an author a heads up.


A Discovery Of Witches

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES by Deborah Harkness came to me from the publisher and I have yet to read it. It is quite long, but the prose looks very good, and my interest was piqued at the thought of writing similar to the old Anne Rice books. Will keep you posted.

Muslim America

American Dervish

AMERICAN DERVISH by Ayad Akhtar is coming from the publisher. I have heard some chatter about it and all is positive.  This author explains through fiction how he has dealt with being a Muslim American.

Joan of Arc

The Maid

And now for the one I am reading as we speak. I have been looking at the cover of THE MAID for weeks now. Picked it up last week. Almost put it back down. Something drew me back. Now that I am into it, I am very involved. We visited the site of the burning at the stake of Joan Of Arc in Ruen, France a couple of years ago. It is a lovely spot in the center of a gorgeous city. I am hoping to find some photos to add to my post when I write it. So far, it is keeping me turning the pages and wanting more.


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