Three Books I Received For Christmas



This big, fat cookbook is full of drop dead gorgeous photos of lovely, healthy vegetables in all their glory. Even less than enthusiastic fans of broccoli and cauliflower will find this one hard to put down. I LOVE it!

Hemingway's Boat

Hemingway's Boat

HEMINGWAY’S BOAT is on my list of the best of nonfiction reading for this year. Hendrickson has done a bang-up job delving deeply into the life of the man we thought we already knew. So happy to have gotten it.


The Lost Wife

Just look at the cover of this one. And it’s a trade paper.  I am anxious to get into this one. WWII. The writing looks good. Book is already on my table at work. Will keep you posted.

I have promised myself a day of reading and relaxing with the kitties today. After rushing around preparing for the holiday, it is a pleasure to be home with the kitties. They are enjoying the open windows; and each of them has a window to sit in.

I don’t want to forget to thank my generous husband for purchasing books when our house is so full of them already. But, there is always room for the best books!


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