Giveaway: The Doctor And The Diva

Doctor and Diva

The Doctor and the Diva

This lovely novel is now available in trade paperback form. Last year, when it first appeared on the scene, the hardcover was gorgeous, but I passed on reading it because I thought the title  somewhat trite. I feared it was nothing more than a romance novel. But, alas, I was wrong!

The publisher at Penguin Group  recently offered me a copy to review. I decided to give it a go. I read it in a snap. Totally enjoyed traveling along with the story to exotic places such as Trinidad and Tuscany. And the writing is superb.

Erika von Kessler and her husband Peter have been trying to conceive for six years as the novel opens in Boston in 1904. They’ve seen all the fertility specialists and done everything possible, but to no avail. Then they hear that of a young new Doctor: Dr. Ravell. Can he help them? Erika is really sick and tired of exposing her every private part, and is not keen on yet another exposure. But, she agrees.

Erika has one great passion in life: singing. She has an amazing operatic voice, one she has been training for years, hoping to be “noticed.” Her dream is to go to Italy and become famous. So, her plan is that if this last attempt at having a child fails, she will leave her life and go to Italy.

The relationship Dr. Ravell cultivates with Peter and Erika becomes important to all three of them. And Erika does indeed become pregnant. It is truly a miracle. And how does Ravell accomplish what no other specialist has been able to do? Ahh, that is the question of the century.

This lovely story takes you to the exotic locale of Trinidad where strange and exciting experiences take place. Much about the flora and fauna will captivate you on this haunting isle. The hill towns of Italy, the piazza’s of Venice, the scenes of Milan, and the sights and sounds of the Arno in Florence will light your senses on fire and fire your desire to keep reading.

There is much to contemplate for discussion in THE DOCTOR AND THE DIVA. Book clubs will find it the center of much chatter. And I know that the author has been known to attend book club discussions via Skype.

So, with no further ado, I introduce my giveaway. Penguin has been kind enough to offer two lovely copies of THE DOCTOR AND THE DIVA by Adrienne McDonnell for my giveaway. All I ask is that you have a U.S. address and no P.O. boxes, please. Just leave a comment with your email address. The giveaway will run until midnight, Sunday, December, 17. Don’t hold back. The more of you who comment, the better chances of even more really good giveaways in the future.


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