Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to thank all my awesome readers. I so appreciate you taking time from your very busy lives to read my humble reviews.

I have found so many unique and wonderful books this year. This fall especially has seen a plethora of great books. The spring catalogs look very promising as well.

I plan on adding more photos of my very special kitties in posts this year. Here is Isis enjoying a moment with books on the old cat tree.

Isis hanging out

Isis with books



And here is our gorgeous Syeed, our Turkish Angora, rescued four years ago.

Maurice napping

Maurice napping

And here is our Maurice, napping as usual.


Diego And His Beautiful Blue Eyes

Diego has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever.


Siena, our youngest.

Siena is our youngest kitty. She is still wary of strangers, but is sweet and gentle.

We are grateful for our human family as well as our feline family.

I am wishing you all a happy holiday full of great food, family, friends, and a really good book!


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