Vacation Elation

My husband and I have been in Charleston, South Carolina the past week. We cut the trip up a bit by stopping in Orlando on the way up and on the way back. How convenient to visit the kids and have a way-station. Worked well.

When a friend offered her lovely home in Charleston, well, we could NOT pass on this one. She was going to be in her Fort Myers home last week, so we had the run of the house. Situated just a few minutes from Charleston’s historical district, it was a quick jaunt across the Ashley River into town. That is, easy after learning the map.

So many exciting places to visit. So many tasty eateries. And the weather was totally cooperative.

We spent one day on two of the islands off the coast of the city. We arrived at Isle of Palms just before noon. The tide was extraordinarily low. We walked all the way to Sullivan’s island, all the while stretching out necks out to check out all the gorgeous, palatial homes right on the beach. I have never seen so many homes of this stature in one spot. Amazing. Not a cloud in the sky. Not really any  places to eat on Isle of Palms. But we did grab an outside spot under a festive black and white umbrella on Sullivan’s Island, though not right on the beach. Poe’s is famous for their burgers. So, guess what we had that day? Yes, of course. Stopped at Shem Creek just off the island for oysters to take home; fresh oysters that Jack shucked and we slurped down with some soda crackers and cocktail sauce.

Since my birthday landed during our vacation week, I chose Magnolia’s for a lush lunch. The photo I took of my fried chicken breast with sweet corn and mashed potatoes with cream and real butter didn’t come out so well. I will try to include it but it is what it is. The meal was awesome.

I think a carriage ride through this beautiful historical city is a must for any visitor.

fav house

Skinny House

We were no exception. We had a young lady with a horse named Bill. Bill dragged our sorry butts through the streets south of Broad and didn’t complain one bit. We learned about the architecture of the city as well as the history.

I made it a point to visit The Blue Bicycle Book Store.

Blue Bicycle

Blue Bicycle Books

It may be the only independent left in the city. It was the only one we found, and believe me we looked. I enjoyed seeing the photos on the walls of Pat Conroy with the owners. And, Mary Alice Monroe’s  THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER was enjoying a place on prominence as well.  The owner says he is doing well, but we couldn’t help but notice not one other soul entered the store in the almost one hour we were there.


Book Store Cat

Walking, shopping (mostly window), watching the ladies make baskets at the market, and eating as often as we could; that was our week.


One thought on “Vacation Elation

  1. I loved taking a tour of Charleston through your eyes. My heart goes out to all independent bookstores thus I especially enjoyed your visit to The Blue Bicycle Book Store. Kitty on shelf was a definite plus.

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