The Night Circus

The NIght Circus

The Night Circus

Initially, I passed this one up. Not a fan of the circus, I judged the book by its cover. But, after reading a rave review and hearing more about the story, well, I decided to give it a try.

Simply put, I found it amazing. I immersed myself in the illusions and fantasy. I put the brakes on and slowed down.  I wanted to read this one purely for the enjoyment of the story. Even now, two days after the immersion, I am still enjoying THE NIGHT CIRCUS in my mind.

Opens at dusk, closes at dawn. It intrigued me.

The colors are brighter, the sounds clearer, and the characters so memorable.

Two old magicians (of indeterminate age, Hector and Alexander (known as the man in the grey suit), are pushing their current challenge past the usual limits. Hector’s 6 year-old daughter Celia will be his catalyst, while Hector chooses a young orphan he renames Marco to meet his part of the deal. What is the deal? What is the game?

Erin Morgenstern brilliantly sets up her Circus of Dreams. Takes her time, uses short chapters, weaves her story  back and forth in time, creating the perfect storm for the challenge.

Celia and Marco are both connected to the circus. Celia as a stunning illusionist, Marco as the keeper of the flames. Both know there is a challenge; that the circus has become the venue for their game, but they have not figured out that it is each other they are pitted against. Nor do they know that only one of them will remain standing. Of course they fall in love. Their love is the real deal. Will it survive? That is one of the reasons you will want to find out what happens in THE NIGHT CIRCUS.

This novel will assault all your senses. It will light your mind on fire, take your breath away, and brighten the dark world of the circus itself.

Dinner parties are thrown at midnight. Special personalities wine and dine in the presence of a major player in the ownership of this special circus.

Enchanting, otherworldly, larger than life,  full of surrealism, and jam packed with excitement. THE NIGHT CIRCUS is one of my favorite reads this year.

The circus arrives “out of the blue” in what was just recently a vacant field outside London. The billowing tents in black and white fill the area with promise. It is 1886, and the circus has arrived. Le Cirque des Réves  is now open. Come one, come all. Don’t miss this one.


One thought on “The Night Circus

  1. So glad that you liked this. I am having a hard time with it right now. It’s a bit slow going for me, but I am only a few chapters in. I’ll keep at it since you liked it so much.

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