BBAW 2011 Community Part 11



BBAW 2011, book blogger appreciation week
We’re talking more about community and book blogging today. I’ve been blogging for almost three years. I can’t begin to tell you how many awesome people I’ve met because of it. The first time an important author commented on my blog, I didn’t believe it was really him. It was Abraham Verghese. This was before his now famous novel, CUTTING FOR STONE, became a classic. Since that innocent comment, we’ve become friends. We even had lunch together a couple years ago in Miami.

I live in S.W. Florida. It is quite seasonal in my area. The place is deserted right now. But, in a month or so it will begin filling back up to its winter capacity as the “snowbirds” return. These are the people who love a good book club. Now they invite me to present books at their meetings. What fun it is for all of us. I take 20+ hot books and show them off.  People know they can visit my blog for information on any of the books. From anywhere they live. So, even during the summertime, they can keep in touch.

For me, media tools have helped me branch out. I have also met some pretty cool folks on Twitter and facebook. My favorite book reviewer is hooked up to twitter. It is a great way to keep in touch. Also quick and easy. Facebook is another great way to keep up.

Being in the bookselling business as well as just loving to read, means I need to know what is hot, and what is actually good. So, I end up stepping outside my comfort zone to look at stuff I might normally ignore. Is good.

Thanks to all of you who have helped make this week another great year for book blogging.



One thought on “BBAW 2011 Community Part 11

  1. I’m working on getting better at Twitter, which seems like a great place to be, if a bit overwhelming! I haven’t been nearly so successful with Facebook, though, and have struggled to build a community on there. I guess not all platforms work for everyone.

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