Cultivating A Community Of Bloggers And Readers


BBAW 2011

Each day this week I will be posting and linking to Book Blogger Appreciation Week. This is an awesome way to build a network of bloggers and readers who spread the word about books. You will be in the company of many great writers. I’m sure you’ll find some new blogs to follow.

Today we’re writing about the bloggers who have made our book blogging experience unique. I have chosen Bethanne Patrick from the Book maven, and Alicia Murray from Balancing Motherhood.

Book Maven

Bethanne Patrick

Bethanne Patrick is the Book Maven. I began reading her blog when she was reviewing for Publisher’s Weekly magazine. She was a big reason I would return to the online zine each day. Her book talk is always spot-on. I can always rely on Bethanne to give an honest review.   I continue to count on Bethanne for industry news, great reviewing, and now, her input throughShelf Awareness. Boy, are those people lucky to have her!

Balancing Motherhood

Alicia Lewis Murray

When I told my daughter, Alicia from Balancing Motherhood , that I had so many customers and co-workers always asking me “what are you reading now,” she told me I needed to think seriously about writing a book blog. She said they were becoming quite popular. And, she added that she would make me a special header when I made my first post. That was almost three years ago.

Last summer Alicia took me to NYC to celebrate a big birthday. And to attend the BlogHer convention. It was absolutely awesome.  Alicia’s confidence helps make me a better blogger.


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