Portrait Of A Spy by Daniel Silva

Ahh, here it is, the newest Gabriel Allon in the series. I love these characters! I feel like I know them; like they are members of my family. I have been following them all for years. I love them all these books. But, I have to tell you, this IS the best one yet. It really is.

Danielle Silva is the master of the thriller.  This thriller takes place in Paris, London, Washington D.C., and Copenhagen. The characters are so animated and intriguing all by themselves, then add a terrorist attack that occurs in three very different European cities, and you’ve got a winner.

Gabriel is living in a small area of Cornwall, England. He is deeply involved in the restoration of another extremely rare and delicate piece of artwork created by one of the masters. He and his lovely wife Chiara are enjoying a quiet life for a change.  Then they take a little weekend trip to London and the games begin.

Daniel Silva was a journalist long before he became a fabulous writer of thrillers. He has always had the innate ability to bring the news of the day into his writing and fictionalize it perfectly. Many times it is almost uncanny. He is so close to the truth. So, even though you know you are reading fiction, you know plenty comes from the truth.

When the publisher told me she thought this one his best, I will say, I was a bit unconvinced. Heck, they’re all his best to me.  Well, she was right on! It crackles with excitement, leaps off the pages with page-turning  events, and keeps you reading even though you must run to get your eye drops to keep your eyes open. I could have read this one from start to finish in one sitting. But, I found my pace and forced myself to take my time and enjoy it. After all, it will be a year before Gabriel is back.


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