Two Cats Helping?

Diego & Siena

Diego & Siena help?

As the computer fired up this morning, Diego’s head snapped up and he climbed out of his basket, and out of his nap, to garner his position on my desk. His preferred “spot” is lying stretched all over my agenda and whatever book I’ve chosen to review on any given day. He was soon quickly joined by Siena, our baby kitty. I know the photo is blurred, but thought it would give you an idea what I deal with each day. They don’t move:) I have learned to work around them. And sometimes there are more than two. They purr and posture and beg for attention. And they are so sweet and loving making me feel totally loved. From time to time I reach out and pet them and talk to them in a soothing voice. All is good with the world.

Diego helping

Diego Helping

Trying to work on review of THE HOMECOMING OF SAMUEL LAKE by Jenny Wingfield  for the paper. Wish me luck!

Jenny Wingfield

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake


2 thoughts on “Two Cats Helping?

  1. OMG!! Those two are funny! When I had my beloved kitty, he could care less about me and the computer. He was a loner. BUT my pup knocks my Kindle right out of my hand and steps on my books. She is fine if I read out loud to her though. My daughter gets a kick out of that. We call her the Reader Dog. Well, she actually has many nicks but that is the latest one.

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