Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

summer novel of Nantucket

Silver Girl

I’ve read every single one of Elin Hilderbrand’s novels of summer on Nantucket Island. And every one of them emotes summertime memories.  And they all tell such great stories of women and struggles. Well, this one is no different. If it’s summertime, it’s Nantucket and Elin Hilderbrand.

Meredith Delinn is about to turn fifty. She’s spent many years living the life of a rich married woman, traveling around the world, yachting, dining in some of the most famous restaurants in the world, enjoying things most people will never have. That is, Meredith was doing all this. Now, Meredith is a woman on the run, running as far away from the life she led with her crook of a husband, as she can get.

Connie Flute and Meredith have been best friends since childhood. Meredith’s first love was Toby, Connie’s brother. They were all so close once upon a time. Now, Connie is taking Meredith to Nantucket to her summer-house on the beach, to hide.

This story deals with alcoholism, lesbian children, commitment phobias, and egocentric behavior among other things.  But all this, while spending the summer on glorious Nantucket in summertime.

What’s not to love about gourmet cooking, the silvery beaches of one of the most gorgeous islands on earth, and the sounds of the surf right outside your windows? Hilderbrand brings it all on home. Lays it out in front of you like a banquet and, feeds it  to you slowly and with class.

The Bernie you-know-who scandal is still big news. You would have to have been living under a rock not to know about the Ponzi scheme. And we all saw the photos of his wife, Ruth, and their family. But did you ever stop to wonder if Ruth knew all along about the scheme? Did the family know? This story makes you take pause. Makes you see how it could be possible for a wife to NOT know what was going on in her husband’s business.  I am not saying anyone is not guilty or guilty, just that this novel makes us think. What if?

Elin Hilderbrand

I like the way Hilderbrand ties the story up at the end. So many times a novel ends poorly, or not at all. But this one has a satisfying wrap up.

Pick up Silver Girl and sail away for the summer. You will be sure to be entertained.

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