Wildflower Hill

Aussie novel

Wildflower Hill

I do enjoy a good novel set in Australia. Kimberly Freeman has done a fine job of giving us a rolling saga set in Scotland, London and Australia.

The cover gave me pause. It looked a bit frilly. I hoped it wasn’t going to end up being a romantic romp. I wasn’t disappointed.

Beattie Blaxland is 19 years old, living at home with her parents in Glascow, Scotland, when she finds herself pregnant with her married lover’s child. After her parents throw her out of the house, she begins an adventure that will take her to the end’s of the earth and back.

The writing has been likened to that of Kate Morton. The settings are a bit the same. But Freeman’s writing is  lighter and a bit more convoluted. Having said that, I found myself turning the pages wanting to know what would happen next.

The story is told in two voices: Beattie and her granddaughter. Beattie’s voice is in first person. Emma is told in third person. It works. The story is broken up and swings back and forth in time. Both women are just terrible at choosing love interests. You keep wondering if either of them will ever find “the one.”

Freeman has most definitely set the scenes in Tasmania.   You even see a bit of history as well.  And a bit of mystery. I loved following the story behind the “tree” in the photo that meant so much to Beattie. Actually, there is plenty of mystery involved in this big novel. Enough to keep you up late turning page after page.

I absolutely love family secrets.  And this one is full of them.

Wildflower Hill

Wildflower Hill

This is the Australian cover. I may even like it better than the American one.


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