Happy 4th of July


American Flag

I am hoping this Independence Day finds everyone healthy and happy. And for those of you that will be going to work today, well, I am happy you have a job. I know I am happy to have mine.

I am sitting at my desk early today. My most vocal cat, Diego,decided it was time to rise and feed him just after six this morning. Maurice decided to leave me a couple little gifts of cat puke in strategic spots so that I would most definitely have to step in one. I did just that. Now, the very cats who just had to get me up so early, have decided it’s time for them to nap. Gotta love em.

I am watching two squirrels playing chase around the tree that houses their feeder.  Other squirrels are scampering across the lawn, digging for hidden treats or enjoying a quick sip at the watering saucer. I love our property. We are only a few moments from one of the most gorgeous beaches on earth, and yet, we live in the midst of pine trees. And are close to shopping and work. It is perfect for us. Very quiet back here.

We have nothing planned for today. My husband is just coming off a seven night stint and it will be nice having him home today and this evening. We may even go out to lunch. Whatever we decide to do will be easy.

Many books are calling my name. I may even take them to the lanai. But what I do know is that I am grateful to live in America where I have a job that I love and the freedom to write my column and this blog. What are you grateful for this Independence Day?



I couldn’t resist adding this photo. This is the sight on the outside of my window here at my desk. What you don’t see are the two big cats lounging on the desk watching this little guy enjoy his holiday fare.


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Good article. I especially love the part where your cats wake you early to be fed and such only to go take a nap after you’ve woken. Same here. These puppies have given me the same gift. I started a much needed 9 day break from work on Friday. So far the puppies have seen to it that I don’t sleep during my whole “staycation.” Now that they have been fed and played hard for an hour, I expect them to nap soon. 🙂

  2. Don’t you love cats? When I had my cat, he left presents in front of my kids’ rooms until they were old enough to walk. He wanted me to step in something special every time I got up for those early morning feedings. Nice huh? BUT, he loved them to death. That I knew. Cats are funny that way. Now that he is no longer with us we are still getting used to life with a pup! Totally different! Except, my pup thinks she’s a cat. LOL.

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