Summer Rental

Summer novel

Summer Rental

It’s summertime and the beach is calling. It’s Nag’s Head in the Outer Banks of North  Carolina. Ahhh. The living is easy at this time of year.

Mary Kay Andrews has written  a novel to be enjoyed on holiday. And if you are not on holiday, you will surely feel as if you are. She has certainly spearheaded the senses with heady aromas of salt air, sandy decks, and the scent of freshly caught Grouper fried up in a pan.

Ellis, Julia, and Dorie have been best friends forever. All in their mid-thirties, they hook up for a month at a beach cottage named Ebbtide. Each is suffering some disruption in her life; they are each at crossroads. They hook up with a fourth woman, a total stranger, on a fluke. Now there are four troubled women living in one big old beach cottage right on the beach.

I always worry that this type of story will peter out and become nothing more than bad chick lit, but not to worry. This is the real deal. I felt more and more involved with this cottage and these women and their stories with each page. There is romance, good food, mystery and intrigue, and, of course, THE BEACH.

Mary Kay Andrews is no novice writer. She is a pro, having penned many novels under Andrews. Her other pen name is Kathy Trocheck. She wrote mysteries many years ago. At any rate, she has done a bang up job with this one. Everyone loves a beach house, and, after all, it is summer.

If you feel the need to get away from it all. If you just want a good story with great characters that is well written. Well, this is your book!

The very nice people from St. Martin’s Press sent me the ARC. Thanks so much guys.


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