Dreams Of Joy by Lisa See

*novel of China

Dreams of Joy

I am thrilled to announce the newest novel by Lisa See. This deep and well-researched novel that takes place in Red China is more than just a sequel to SHANGHAI GIRLS. It is every bit as wonderful as Lisa See’s first novel, SNOWFLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN.

When SHANGHAI GIRLS ended, I knew in my heart that there had to be another book. And this is that book. We followed Pearl and May as they left Hong Kong to marry and live in America. Now we follow Joy as she leaves her family in San Francisco and returns to China during the time of Communism. She is running to find her father.

Lisa See visited the area of China that she writes about in this book. She traveled with Amy Tan and her husband, and so has penned first hand the sense of place to  perfection.

Not since reading THE GREAT EARTH by Pearl S. Buck have I come across such harshness. And not since then have I experienced such gifted story telling about this era.

Even though I lived through this period in history, I find I know very little about it in actuality. The China Lisa See has brought illuminated to life is the China we know not much of.

Joy is a young woman completely thinking and acting like young people do. She is sure of herself, her needs, her love. She is not willing to listen to even those people who love her and only want the best for her. And what a price she pays.

Art takes on its own personality in this novel. Joy’s birth father is a famous artist in Communist China.   He knows not of Joy until she shows up on his doorstep after traveling alone across the sea.

Joy’s mother and aunt have shared traumatic secrets for all of Joy’s life. These secrets threaten all of their lives.

Throughout history, whenever atrocities occur, we tend to ask, “How can this happen in this day and age.” This is the type of atrocity we find here in Mao’s Communist China. How did this happen?

The story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. You will find yourself flipping pages wildly trying to take this story in. And you will love the ending. This one is for keeps.

Lisa See

Lisa See


3 thoughts on “Dreams Of Joy by Lisa See

  1. For some reason, Lisa See and I don’t mix. I’ve tried two of her books and I always get hung-up in them, and cannot finish them. I don’t know why!

    I saw her at a book festival a couple years back and didn’t know she was part Chinese. Did you?

  2. I saw this book when I was in New York, but ended up not getting a copy since I’m not a huge historical fiction person. I did get a copy of her earlier book that’s being made into a movie, so that might be my first jump into this author — she sounds great!

  3. See’s first novel, SNOWFLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN is wonderful. Will become a classic. But her second book. PEONY IN LOVE was totally not good. And I had been so looking forward to it. Then SHANGHAI GIRLS came along. It was really good. I knew at the end of it that there would be a sequel. And boy is there. DREAMS OF JOY is amazing. Thanks for commenting!

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