Mom Gets Settled In Her New Home

Today marked a big day for mom and me. Lakeside Pavilion in Naples, Florida is mom’s new home. The awesome crew at the facility made us feel so welcome. What could have been a sad occasion, quickly became a smooth and comfortable transition.

I know that I am not the only person who will be moving her parent into a nursing facility. And the kind staff at Lakeside know it too. But while you are going through this you feel as if you are alone. No more.

I contacted several nursing facilities before finding Lakeside. Some had waiting lists, others were too expensive, and some just weren’t the right fit. But the administrator at Lakeside took me under her wing. Her staff has taken care of everything. Mom will want for nothing.  They are even handling the touchy financial part.

When I left mom today, she was napping comfortably with her favorite tv station airing softly in the background. I knew it was a perfect fit when they told her it would be corned beef and cabbage for lunch. She ate every morsel and almost licked the plate.

My relief at having mom secure and comfortable 24/7 is palpable. And I say amen to that.


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