A Slender Thread

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A Slender Thread

Katharine Davis is not a first time author. She has two other novels to her credit. After reading this one, I will be reading the other two soon!

Just look at this lovely cover. And it’s trade paperback; my favorite. The writing and the story are as good as it looks. You are in for a treat.

Davis begins her novel at Bow Lake. It’s summertime, sisters Lacey and Margot are young girls.  Much of the story returns to Bow Lake. It brings to mind summer days spent at the beach when I was growing up. We all have our “Bow Lake.”

But the story really begins when Lacey and Margot are grown up. When Lacey is diagnosed with a disease that will slowly take her speech and much more. Lacey is married to her childhood sweetheart and they have twin girls about to graduate from high school. But the girls don’t know their mother is sick.

Margot married young, and, badly. Now divorced and living in NYC with a new love, she has never been able to have children. This makes her very close to her nieces. And Lacey’s husband Alex has been in her life since they were all kids. So, when Alex asks for Margot’s help, off she goes.

Margot runs to help her sister and her sister’s family each and every time she is summoned. Her relationship begins to suffer with Oliver , her mate. She is so busy tending to everyone but herself that she doesn’t see what is happening in her own private life.

Davis has beautifully woven a story of family and love. She shows us what happens when we put ourselves last. And she has brought NYC vividly to life as well as bringing back the summers of my youth. She captures not only our youth but our humanity.

Katharine Davis

Katharine Davis

Okay, Katharine Davis, now I am really looking forward to reading your other two books: ” Capturing Paris” and “East Hope.” And we are so lucky because she is working on a brand new one right now.


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