Madame Tussaud

Madame Tussaud

Madame Tussaud

I’ve so been looking forward to this new novel by one of my favorite historical novelists. This new one is  about France during the rein and demise of Marie Antionette. But, wait,  the queen is not the featured character. It is Marie Tusssaud, the queen of the wax sculpture.

Michelle Moran is the author of several novels of Egypt and Rome. I loved them all. This one is not my favorite. But, I actually loved the afterward the best of all. It was full of luscious and true information.

I have long been fascinated with the French Revolution. It is a part of European history rife with unbelievable happenings and characters. Unfortunately for me, the first part of the story introduced too many characters. I had a really hard time keeping track of who was who. Too much time was spent trying to do just that. But, once I got to the actual revolution, it became what I had been waiting for and then some.

When Marie is walking the regal halls of one of the greatest palaces on earth, Versailles, you are shocked to find that those halls are actually pig sties full of filth and stink. Animals were allowed in the halls as well as any silly fool off the streets. Shocking.  But the gardens are depicted in all their glory, making the place once again a thing of beauty and worth.

MADAME TUSSAUD is a novel to be read carefully. If you hurry you’ll surely miss something.  I did enjoy the story, but I hope Miss Moran returns to Egypt or Rome for her next novel.


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