Loving Orlando

This week you find me in Orlando. My daughter lives here. I am here helping with the two grandkids while her husband is in California on business.

Boy am I lucky. Even though my five cats are nowhere nearby, I have my daughter’s cat Scarlet helping me as I write. Scarlet is much like my own cats in that she loves to curl up near or on the computer keyboard while you are writing. Today, she is snuggled up next to me on the desk, keeping me company and sneaking a nap.

My chores this week are ones I am delighting in. I get to take Liam, my five year old grandson to his class and pick him up in the afternoon. Yesterday, he kissed and hugged me good-bye and told me he loved me. Imagine that! I savor this since I know soon he will be at the age where he would not be comfortable doing this. When I picked him up he ran over and hugged me with a huge smile and told the class who I was. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Last night, we celebrated Emerson’s 2nd birthday. Emerson is Liam’s little sister. Boy do they love each other. We had homemade cupcakes that I made with the recipe from the famous Magnolia Bakery in NYC. I iced them with pink frosting and they were delicious. I have been waiting for many years to be able to buy dolls for a grandchild. First two were boys. Finally, my wish came true. Emerson received three dolls as gifts and she loves them all. Each is unique and sweet. But her favorite present is a book her mommy found that makes crackling sounds when you punch out the O’s.

Most people think of the many theme parks when they think of Orlando, Florida. Of course the parks are available. My daughter and her family have yearly passes and go when they can. But this lovely city is full of arts and stuff for young people. It is a great place for dining and there are many parks full of walking paths and beautiful plants and lakes. I am in College Park which is a fabulous walking community. This is a family friendly little area that is tucked away just minutes from the bustling streets of the big city. It is quiet, cats roam the street safely. And squirrels feel free to romp and play up and down the tress and across the lawns.

Today, I even have a chance to catch up on my reading and writing. I’m reading Jodi Picoult’s new novel, “Sing You Home.” I’ve missed several of her novels in the last few years. But this one appealed to me. I’m glad I picked it up. Characters are interesting and the writing is so very good as always. Will keep you up to date with a post about it soon.

Off I go on a nice walk around town listening to the birds and enjoying the cool air.


One thought on “Loving Orlando

  1. What a lovely time you are having!

    I hope you share the cupcake recipe when you get back.

    Orlando sounds lovely. My only experiece was 1o days of Disney and although I loved it, the weather (90 degrees with 90% humidity in Oct) I could have done without.

    Enjoy that time with the kids 🙂

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