Both Borders Closing in S.W. Florida


Borders Bookstore

It’s a crying shame that both Borders stores in our area are closing. That means customers will have to travel to Miami or Tampa to shop in a Borders store.

I knew Borders was having trouble. I knew there would probably be closings. But I am surprised they chose to close both of these stores. One is in the Gulf Coast Mall in Fort Myers, the other in North Naples.

I have worked with books for almost fifteen years. It’s a job I love. The past year has been a bit stressful with customers coming into the store asking questions about whether we will be closing. The other day a gentleman asked me if we were going to have a big sale to compete with the closing sale at Borders. Of course I told him we were not competing. I told him how utterly sad we are that any bookstore would close.

Barnes & Noble has been busy perfecting our e-Reader, Nook. Even those of us who were reluctant to embrace the e-Reader phenomenon, have come around. I bought mine several months ago when our company began offering a deal for employees. I love having it. But it is not a replacement for a book, it is another option for reading. How awesome to be able to load it up with books to take on vacation. And how special to download books from the library for free. And they just disappear when the two week lending period is up.  Books are not going to disappear but they are going to change. And I am thankful that Barnes & Noble has been on top of this.

I know the world of books is going to be different in the future, but there are still enough of us book sniffers around to keep real books alive!


4 thoughts on “Both Borders Closing in S.W. Florida

  1. Love your blog. Keeps me on top of things at our store. Also thought i like the Nook I love to smell a good book. Especially those DK ones!

  2. I work at a BN in Southern California, and the Borders around the block from us has also closed. We are also getting all these questions of our safety, and I am always reassuring our customers that we will be around for a while, but that it is hard to see any bookstore close. I am a nook owner, but always keep my books around me, and only use nook to read what is ridiculously more affordable in e-book form. Otherwise, the actual books take priority.

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