The Weird Sisters

Eleanor Brown

The Weird Sisters

THE WEIRD SISTERS by Eleanor Brown arrived in our store last week. Almost immediately, it was on the Discover New Writer’s Bay.  My interest was piqued.

This Shakespeare inspired novel takes place in a small town in the midwest. Three sisters are in the process of returning to their childhood home because they have been inadvertently beckoned.

“We came home because we were failures.” This in the prologue. Of course I had to read on to find out what kind of failures they had become.

Cordy, Bean, and Rose have been named after heroines in Shakespeare’s writings. Their father has almost disappeared into Shakespearian verse. Every chance he gets out he comes with it. To his defense, he is a professor of Shakespeare. They are all voracious readers. But their mother is not reading so much these days. She is, however, being read to. That is on days when she can stand it. For she is dealing with breast cancer. And she needs her family.

Cordy, Bean, and Rose all bring home their own personal tragedies, each as profound and unique as the next. Even though I have no siblings, I was able to commisserate with these women. I felt myself wishing I could tell them my thoughts. They became very realistic to me.

Eleanor Brown

When their mom bears her soul to Rose and tells her something she did as a young woman and wished she had not, it is important. When dad comes forth with Cordy, it is important. And when Bean finally breaks down and confides in their priest, it is important.

Even if you are not a Shakespeare enthusiast, this one will make you laugh and give you a great story.

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