Books & Books Coral Gables, Florida

Books & Books

Books & Books

Saturday was a very special day for me. I made a day trip to Books & Books in Miami, Florida. My friend Kit was the designated driver, so the trip really was stress free for me.

I have been saying for years and years that I would love to visit this bookstore. This really is the quintessential bookstore for South Florida. They have spread out into several locations nowadays, but it was a no-brainer for us to visit the original in Coral Gables.

What a gorgeous day for a road trip. We arrived in good time, just before noon. Decided to peruse the kid’s department first. What a lovely room they have for these colorful and sassy books. And we loved the arrangement. The shelves are labeled and grouped logically.


Courtyard Cafe

An outing is just not complete without just the right spot for a meal. Well, Books & Books has the most delightful courtyard designed for relaxation and ease. We quickly fell in love with it. So many awesome offerings on the menu that let me tell you it was no easy decision to choose. But the lovely salads and homemade lemonade we enjoyed only enhanced our visit. The classical and South American music quietly playing in the background was perfect. The sun was shining and we were in our element. We knew that after this break in the action we had most of the store left to get lost in.

Me at Books & Books

Me at Books & Books

There is one entire room completely dedicated to oversize coffee table books. I was truly wowed at this. Most bookstores have very few.

I loved perusing the stacks and shelves finding signed editions. So many well known authors have visited this store. So many have chosen to only sign here. It truly is an institution of Independent bookstores.

Kit Ingeme

Kit with our friend Maureen's book!

The inside part of the cafe has an entire wall of black and white(how classy is that) photos of some really famous authors. Of course my favorite was among them: Pat Conroy.

I was hoping to purchase a souvenir of some sort, but, alas, they do not sell even one single thing with their name on it. When I asked the nice young women behind the counter, she pulled out a paper bag with a few very small black tee shirts with their logo. That’s all she had.   Now there would surely be a market for this stuff.

For me, a trip to visit a special bookstore is a dream-like experience.  And this is one special store. Of course now I am anxious to visit the other Books & Books.


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