From The Land Of The Moon

From the Lan of the Moon

From The Land Of The Moon

This novella is from the ever more popular Europa Publishing.  These are always translated into English.

Milena Agus has penned this intriguing story about Sardinia to much accolades from  the Italian media. This is her first novel to be translated into English.

A young woman opens her grandmother’s journal and begins to read. Grandmother was thought to be “mad” from an early age. She was abused by her parents because of it. When they had the opportunity to “get rid” of her by marrying her off to a widower at the age of 30, they did just that. It was a loveless union, but grandmother was able to get away from the abuse.

This marriage is a childless one until grandmother is shuttled off to a thermal bath in hopes of a cure for her kidney stones. There she meets the love she has been so longing for. Shortly after grandmother returns home to her husband, she finds she is expecting a child. Everyone is thrilled.

This little novella is filled with luscious prose and splendid descriptions of seascapes as well as gorgeous views of the land.


Milena Agus

Full of vivid imagination and infused with a thought provoking ending, this is a very good Italian novella that you can easily read in one sitting. I did just that one Sunday afternoon. It made for quite a pleasant day.

I must say that I asked an Italian friend what she thought of the translation. I can only say that there is always something lost in translation. But, I think this is one of the better interpretations. I look forward to more from Agus.


One thought on “From The Land Of The Moon

  1. Sounds like a simple story, set in a lovely setting.

    Translations can be tricky. I never realized how complicated they can be to do well until I read Foreign Tongue.

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