Keeping Time

Keeping Time

Keeping Time

I’d been looking at the cover of this novel for several weeks. Then my friend Sue said she dragged it home and read it and absolutely loved it. Well that did it. I dragged it home too.

KEEPING TIME  is a lovely story written by Stacey McGlynn. It takes place mostly in Liverpool, England and New York.

Daisy is the protagonist. We find her at the age of 76, living alone after losing her husband of many, many years. She is in good health and keeps busy. She loves working in her garden and working at her little job at the library. But then enter her eldest son and his newest trophy wife. They think Daisy would be better off living in one of those communities for “old folks.” Not only do they want to keep an eye on her, the young wife would like some of the money from the sale of Daisy’s house.

Daisy is a delightfully playful woman who makes you smile and laugh out loud. She pulls an old watch out of her jewelry box and tells us a tale of where it came from and from whom.

This is the sort of story that interests me. I wanted to find out how the situation would pan out. Would Daisy indeed be intimidated into selling her home? And what tactics would the son use to get her moving? I have a mother in her 80’s who is living alone. She is able at this point, but our family knows it’s just a matter of time when mom might need assisted living. So, when I came across this lively tale, it gripped me.

How does New York fit in, you may ask? Well, Daisy has family in the states. She’s never been to visit any of them. And it all culminates in a whopping story with mystery, love lost and found, and even some coming of age.

The cover of this one will catch your eye. But it’s the story and the writing you will remember long after you close the last page.

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