Hidden History Of Everglades City by Maureen Sullivan Hartung

author of Hidden History of Everglades City

Maureen Sullivan Hartung

Maureen Sullivan-Hartung is the perfect choice to have written the only comprehensive book about Everglades City, Florida. Her HIDDEN HISTORY OF EVERGLADES CITY is hot off  the press.

Years ago, Maureen took me for a tour of Everglades City and regaled me with stories that made me not only smile but laugh out loud. When I tell you that she not only knew Totch Brown but was a confidant, well, I am not kidding. You can read about it right here. Maureen’s lovely voice comes shining through her writing and makes you feel as if she is sitting right next to you in a big fan-back chair, maybe sipping a cup of tea or a glass of  wine and letting you in on the latest gossip. But it is not gossip. It’s all true. That’s what makes this “history book” such a compelling read.

As residents of S.W. Florida, whether part-time or full, we all can use a dose of good old fashioned history. And when you can find it written in such a readable format, well, you should grab it.

Maureen Sullivan-Hartung has worked as a journalist, has written more articles for local zines than you can toss a stick at and is well known for her work with Friends of the Collier County Library. I can not mention all the organizations she is attached to because we do not have enough time or space. She is an amazing woman who is making her mark on S.W. Florida through her love of the local people and their back stories.

Every single soul living in this area should visit Smallwood  Trading Post. Yes, it still exists. It’s alive and kicking on Chokoloskee Island.

Speaking of Chokoloskee, that’s where Maureen went all those years ago to meet up with the colorful character of Totch Brown. Here you can see a photo Maureen took of Totch on their first outing.

Totch Brown

Totch Brown

Another colorful character from this area was Edgar Watson of KILLING MISTER WATSON fame.  This now famous novel is based on a true story of the miserable Edgar and his shenanigans. Not to be missed.

Sullivan-Hartung has totally done her homework here. Her research is impeccable. Her sense of story makes you flip through the pages as if you were reading a thriller. The photos alone are worth the price of admission. And believe you me getting all these pictures and getting them into the right format must have been difficult at best.

Hidden History series

Hidden History of Everglades City

Maureen will be making appearances for the next several months. You can also catch her January,19th at Books&Books in Coral Gables, Florida. I was thrilled to hear she would be signing at this quintessential bookstore.  HIDDEN HISTORY OF EVERGLADES CITY is on sale at all the local bookstores and online.

3 thoughts on “Hidden History Of Everglades City by Maureen Sullivan Hartung

  1. My dear Jean…what can I possibly say after such a wonderful review? For once I am speechless, and we both know how hard that is for me! (-: All kidding aside, I am SO very appreciative of your kind words about my very first book. I’ve been a tad nervous waiting on your review, knowing what a stickler you are, but I am delighted to report that I can now breathe easy once again. Thank you for taking time out of your crazy schedule to not only read it but provide a review as well. You’re the BEST!

  2. It is a must to read on south west Florida History, not only because it is informative but because the sweetest sense of humor of it’s author crafted the writing of this wonderful piece of professional research crowded with all the colorful characters that populate this unknown corner of florida

  3. Better than “The Swamp”
    Ms. Hartung’s book is a sensation. I love her voice. A book that makes you want to read until you finish it. I got through the book so quickly and enjoyed every minute of it. Every school should put it on their summer reading list.

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